Fall into a Bundle of Fun!
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was develeped for
Mrs. Oliver's Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School
Designed by: Carnesha McDonald at Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Why do the  leaves change their color in autmn? Come take a look at this website for the reason why leaves change colors and to see photos!
fall picture
Can you name a color that the leaves may change in autumn? Click this website to view a movie about leaves and how they change colors.
pumpkin and scarecrow
Can you name the season that pumpkins grow? Pumpkins are used for many reasons in the season of autumn. Can you list the reasons for pumpkins in autumn?
fall scarecrow
Autumn celebrates many holidays. Can you name any holidays in Autumn?  Halloween is a holiday celebrated in autumn and liked by kids all over! Even though it is a fun night, you still must be safe when you go trick-or-treating. Search this site for safety tips for trick-or treating.

Real World Activity:Funfilled Fall Scrapbook!
Today you are going to be fall experts! You will explore the details of fall to later make a scrapbook. You will have to draw the things that you have learned about fall, like the different  colors and shapes of leaves, the use of pumpkins during fall, and even Halloween! Be sure to include your favorite colored leaf, favorite shaped leaf, and a picture of your favorite Halloween pumpkin for fun! Each element of fall will have its own drawing. You will write a sentence to tell what each drawing is about.  Once you have drawn all your pictures and written all of your sentences, you will create  "Our  Funfilled Fall Sracpbook!" The website Autumn Leaves will help you with your scrapbook!

Steps to Complete Your Funfilled Fall Scrapbook
1. Explore the website Autumn Leaves with your teacher. This will give you information to help you piece together your funfilled scrapbook. You will also explore the website Pumpkin Patch to view pumpkins. The pumpkins you see in the website can also help you with your scrapbook.

2. Describe to your teacher the differences between each fall leaf. Make sure to describe the colors and shapes.

3. Draw pictures of your favorite colored leaf, your favorite shaped leaf, and a picture of your favorite pumpkin that you viewed on the Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Patch website.

4. After you have drawn the pictures, you will write a short sentence about each picture. The sentence will tell what the picture is about.

5. Once you have written your sentences, you will begin to put your scrapbook together. You will take two pieces of construction paper to make the cover and the back of the scrapbook. You can decorate the construction paper with festive fall decorations. Once you have decorated the front and back of your scrapbook, your teacher will punch three holes in your drawings and your construction paper. You will then tie srting through the holes to make the scrapbook.

6. Once you have tied the string through each hole, you have completed your funfilled fall scrapbook!

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