All About
 Pilgrims and

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Glennon's Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed by Candice Floyd, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Let's learn about Thanksgiving! The Thanksgiving Story tells us all about the Pilgrims and Indians very first Thanksgiving!
indian man
The daily life of the Wampanoag (indians that were here
first) and the pilgrims was a little different than ours.
Lets check it out and see what they did!

Did the Pilgrims dress the way we do today?
Let's find out
 how Pilgrims
dressed back then!

Do you like corn? The Indians love it! Corn was a very popular crop of the Indians! Let's find out more! 
Do you want to learn more about the Pilgrims? To do so, visit this Encyclopedia link that tells you everything you want to know!

Now Let's Have a little fun with Thanksgiving!

Here is a fun Thanksgiving Site! You can choose from games, riddles, jokes, coloring pages, and so much more!
turkey roast
Have some more  Thanksgiving fun ! Get cool recipes for your favorite Thanksgiving meals! Also play more games and continue to have fun while learning!

Mission Activity


Let's pretend that we are Pilgrims! We are having our very first Thanksgiving dinner, and we really want to invite the Indians to dinner because we appreciate them so much for helping us! But...what do they eat? What should we have for dinner? We are going to make a menu and send out invitations. We will design invitations to send the Indians ourselves! On the invitations, we will draw the food we are going to serve...just to give them an idea!

*Mission Activity Steps*

1.  Let's visit this web site to find out what food the Indians like to eat!

2  We will discuss and review the content of this website, focusing on what the Pilgrims and Indians ate.

3.  Next we are going to decide on the meal that we are serving! I will write suggestions on the board, and we will vote.

4. Now begin your invitation. (The construction paper will already be folded )

5. Draw a picture of a Pilgrim and Indian on the front of your invitation.

6. On the inside, draw the meal that we are going to serve and decorate it with pretty pictures that relate to Thanksgiving!

7. On  the back, you will draw something that you are thankful for!

Here are some ideas of nice pictures that you can draw on your invitation:

      h       jhjh     gfg    jkj

running run


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