Coat of Many Colors
Written by:  Dolly Parton
Illustrated by:  Judith Sutton

Paint Picture and Story Designed by Christy Taylor


   This book is about a little girl and her special coat.  She didn't have a coat to wear in the fall and her family did not have much money.  So instead of purchasing a coat, the girl's mother made her a coat out of some old rags. 
    When she wore her new coat to school the children picked on her.  The little girl didn't understand what was wrong with her coat because it meant so much to her.  She knew how much time and love that her mama had put into every stitch.  Although the children picked on her, she continued to
wear her coat of many colors proudly and knew that it was worth much more than anything money could buy. 
    I really enjoyed reading this book because it tells a wonderful story.  Some families do not have as much money as others but that doesn't mean they can't be as happy.  The girl was so proud of her "new" coat and she didn't care what anyone else thought about it. 

    The story is unique in the fact that it is not only written by Dolly Parton, but it is also written about her.  She was the little girl who's mother made her a coat out of the old rags.  After she became a country music singer, she recorded a song called "Coat of Many Colors" that she dedicated to "all the good Mamas out there."   I thought that the book was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read. 



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