Instructor: Calvin Walker
Office: 229 245-4378
Office Location: University Center, Room 1108
Office Hours:ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ____________________________________, or by appointment

Course Description: An introduction to networking concepts, the Internet, and the World Wide Web with regional and global applications. Students will work with FTP, telnet, email Usenet, listservs, and internet-based electronic bulletin boards, search strategies, and web page construction.

Course Goals: As a college student, you have probably spent quite a few hours on the Internet even if you don't own a computer.  In 1999, over 90% of U.S. college students had access to the Internet, and 80% of graduating college students used it to search for a job or research a prospective employer.  It's time to set aside all of the hype about how the Internet is changing everything - the ability of the Internet to transform our lives is a given.  Now we need to get down to the serious business of really putting the Internet to work for us.  The primary objective of this course is to make the internet work for you.  As a tool, the internet is an invaluable resource.  You can use your homepage as an electronic portfolio to market your skills and abilities.  In addition, you can use the internet to conduct in-depth research for term papers or just to satisfy your own curiosity about a particular subject.  Finally, the internet offers an unparalleled form of written, audio, and visual communication that spans the globe.  

 Each student will:

1. Construct an electronic portfolio containing a resume, co-curricular transcript, course transcript, writing samples, and a picture gallery. (VSU General Education Outcomes 3, 4 & 7)

2. Conduct research using the World Wide Web and the VSU's Galileo. (VSU General Education Outcomes 3 & 7)

3. Explain basic computer concepts including operating systems, hardware, and software. (VSU General Education Outcomes 3 & 4)

4. Properly configure an email program and send/receive attachments. (VSU General Education Outcomes 3 & 4)

5. Demonstrate using the Internet for video and chat conferencing. (VSU General Education Outcomes 3 & 4)

Course Requirements:

B 80-89
C 70-79
D 65-69
F < 60

"And they, while others slept, toiled upwards into the night." Thoreau


Cheating on examinations and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing in any form, you will receive a failing grade for that assignment, and you will be reported to the University for appropriate action. If you are uncertain what constitutes plagiarism or cheating, please consult the current VSU Student Handbook (Student Code of Conduct) or the following VSU website:

Required Textbook and Materials:

Access to Internet (Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 4.73) – additional links will be provided in class. Also, you will need a flash drive.




Electronic Portfolio

70 points     


 0 points      

Final Examination

10 points

Student Presentation

10 points


10 points


100 points

CLASS MEETING                                                                        WEEKLY READING&HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS

June 11

Introduction, Course Overview The Electronic Portfolio - An Overview  (index.htm)
 FrontPage?     Syllabus  Grits Account  Student presentation topics

June 16

The Portfolio index page
Developing a resume  (resume.htm)  Bring in choice of topics     

June 18

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - Secure Shell
Upload Resume and Index pages  Bring pictures on your flash drive June 23

June 23

Creating a photo gallery  (photo.htm)  Bring pictures to put in photo gallery

June 25

Co-Curricular Transcript  (co-curricular.htm) 
Academic Transcript  (transcript.htm)   Bring two samples of your writing on your flash drive June 30

June 30

Writing Samples Page  (samples.htm) Student Presentations
(1) Conducting research using Galileo
(2)  Conducting research using the World Wide Web

July 2

Favorite Links Page  (links.htm) Student Presentations
(1) Computer Maintenance - Cleaning and Disk Defragmenter
(2) Windows Update

July 7

Service Learning Page (service.htm) Student Presentations
(1) History of the Internet
(2) Future of the Internet

July 9

Student Presentations

(1) Viruses, Trojans, and worms.
(2) Protecting Yourself - Antivirus Programs

July 14

Student Presentations          
(1) Face Book
(2) My Space                  

July 16

Student Presentations
(1) Spyware
(2) Firewalls

July 21

Student Presentations
(1) Internet Addiction.

(1) Practical Internet Websites
(2) Music Downloads                 The complete portfolio

July 23

Student Presentations

1) Adding a site meter to your portfolio
(2) Adding a guest book to your portfolio      

July 28

 Putting it all together----Last class day

July 30

Final Examinations

July 31

Final Examinations







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