VSU 1101


FALL 2007



Professor:  Calvin Walker

Office #:  UC 1108

Office Phone:  245-4378

Email:  cawalker@valdosta.edu

Office Hours:  M - R 4:00-5:00


Course Goals:  To orient students to the university and it’s facilities; to improve study habits; to develop an appreciation for the value of higher education ; to learn to seek and accept academic responsibilities; to assist students in the development of a foundation for personal, social, and academic growth; and to familiarize students with the appropriate use of college resources.


Special Services:  The Access Office is committed to assisting students to pursue educational goals to the fullest of their abilities.  The program is responsible for coordination of services for students with disabilities.  The primary objectives are to provide reasonable accommodations and ensure that campus programs and activities are accessible to disabled students.  If you require special classroom accommodations or modifications because of a documents disability, talk to me at the beginning of the semester.  You must be registered with the Access Office I Nevins Hall, Room 1115 at (245-2498).


Attendance Policy:  You are allowed two (2) absences during the semester.  Three (3) absences will result in a 10pt. drop of your grade.  Four (4) absences will result in a 20pt.

drop.  Anyone having over four (4) absences will fail VSU 1101.


Cell phones are not allowed in VSU 1101.  Violation of this rule will result in points deducted form your final grade.


Required Textbook and Materials:  Keys to Success-Building Successful

Intelligence for College,

Career and Life

Valdosta State University Edition


Valdosta State University Catalog (2007-2008)







Grading System:


            Your final grade in VSU 1101 will be comprised of the following:


  • Homework and Daily Assignments
  • Core Curriculum Schedule
  • Exam 1
  • Career Research Paper
  • Final Exam


Career Research Paper Requirements



  1. Describe the job.
  2. What major do you need to pursue?
  3. What education is required?
  4. Salary?
  5. Hours?
  6. Benefits? (Insurance Retirement, Vacations, etc.)
  7. Relocation:  Where do you want to live based on this career?
  8. Working conditions?
  9. Pros and Cons?  After researching the career, tell what you like and dislike about it.
  10. Presentation:  Did you follow instructions?  Grammar, Spelling, Cover Sheet, Format, etc.





The paper must be a minimum of 3 full typed pages.  You should have a title page, the paper, a bibliography, (3 sources minimum) page, and the computer printout stapled together when you turn it in on the designated day.





Any paper that DOES NOT contain the computer printout will result in a grade of ZERO!









VSU 1101 Syllabus

Fall 2007


Week 1 (Aug. 13-16)                       Introduction to VSU 1101/Course overview/ Syllabus Assign Lifelines


Week 2 (Aug. 20-23)                       Begin Lifelines


Week 3 (Aug. 27-30)                       Complete Lifelines/Discussion and activities/

                                                      Parents’ Weekend


Week 4 (Sept. 3-6)                          Ch. 2 Time Management


Week 5 (Sept. 10-13)                      Ch. 5 SQ4R (SQ4R Ch. 1) Method of Reading Textbooks


Week 6 (Sept. 17-20)                      Ch. 6- 40/60

                                                      Cornell Method of Note taking


Week 7(Sept. 24-27)                       Ch. 3 Learning Styles/ Choosing Majors

                                                      Career Services Seminar


Week 8 (Oct. (1-4)                          VSU Core Curriculum-Read Chapter 1

                                                      (Advising Begins for VSU)


Week 9 (Oct 8-11)                          Cont. with VSU Core/Academic Classes & Goals Worksheet & Due


Week 10 (Oct-15-18)                      Fall Break/Review for Exam #1


Week 11(Oct 22-25)                        Exam #1 /Ch. 7-Test Taking


Week 12 (Oct29-Nov 1)                  Cont. w/Ch. 7 Library Seminar


Week 13 (Nov 5 – 8)                       Ch.1 – History/Structure/Admin of VSU

                                                      Career Paper Due! 


Week 14 (Nov 12-15)                      Drug & Alcohol Awareness

                                                      Grade Point Averages


Week 15 (Nov 19-22)                      GPA Worksheet


Week 16 (Nov 26-29)                      Conclude GPA work/Review for Comprehensive

                                                      Final Exam/ Evaluations


Dec 3 (M)                                      Last class day


Dec 4 (T)                                       Final exam prep day


Dec 5, 6, 7 (W, R & F)                    Final Exams