Fire Is Fast!
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Ms. Graham's Pre K Class At Hallmark Heights
Designed By Cindy Vega, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What do firefighters wear to protect themselves from fire? This website, directed by Elmo, has a interactive game to dress Elmo in fire safety gear. Click on Elmo wearing a fire helmet to begin. When your finished, there is a game to help Elmo crawl through a burning building to reach safety; click on the smoky house. In another link Elmo explores a fire station and demonstrates what equipment a fireman needs to fight a fire. Click on the fire station to begin.
Elmo's Fire Safety
  Click the fish bowl when you finish a game to return to Elmo.

Where is your smoke alarm located in your house?  This website has a video that demonstrates a smoke alarm and informs why a smoke alarm is important to have in a home. When your finished, click on the other videos. They are loaded with more information about fire fighters. One video demonstrates stop, drop, and roll, and another video stresses the importance of not hiding from a firefighter.
Sprout Fire Safety

What would you do if there was a fire in your home?  This website demonstrates a fire escape route. Click the information bar Escaping from Fire.
Fire Safety For Kids

What are the parts of a fire engine?  This website takes a tour of a fire truck. Click fire truck exploration to begin.
Sparky the Fire Dog

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Pretend you are a fire fighter. You are at the fire station and the alarm sounds. Ding! Ding! Ding! The dispatcher announces there is a house on fire in the area. You run to get dressed! Visit Elmo's Fire Safety website to see what protective gear you need so that you will not burn. You are dressed and ready to go. You jump on the fire truck and buckle the safety belt. The fire truck speeds to the burning house. You jump off the truck, grab a fire hose from the fire truck and run toward the burning house. GREAT JOB! You put out the fire! Wow, what a day. Draw a picture of you fighting the fire and the protective gear that you wore.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

Step 1: Go to the website Elmo's Fire Safety and Elmo will demonstrate what gear is needed to protect you from getting burned when fighting a fire.

Step 2: Draw a picture of yourself dressed in your fire fighter gear fighting the fire. Label each item you are wearing, and tell why it is important.


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