Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities
 for the Topic of Graphs 
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was designed for
Mrs. Alvarez's resource classroom (2nd and 3rd Grade) at
Sallas Mahone Elementary School

Designed By: Carin Jones, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Graphing on the Go!


bar graph

What graph is created by playing this
This website is fun and interactive, you are able to see how a graph is used and formed.

line graph

Which graph shown can you make? 
On this website you are able to choose a graph to create.

pie graph

What is another name for Pie Graph
This website gives examples of the usage of graphs.

various graphs

Can you name things that can be graphed?
This website gives a fun game that puts information in a Pie Graph.

game title   Topic Real-World Activity   game title

There are bugs in the System!!!  Hacker has infested the cybrary with nasty bugs.  Can you help the Cybersquad clean up the mess?  You will be getting rid of various bugs and keeping track of them, just in case they decide to come back, you will be ready and prepared!!!  Don't let Hacker fool you, he will try!

Steps for Topic Real-World Activity

1.  Click on the link Cyberchase.
2.  Play no less than 6 games.
3.  Keep track of one bug for each room;

either pink, green, orange, blue, or red for all 6 rooms.

4.  From your results make a graph line gragph.

game title

Topic-Relate Literature Activity
How Many?
Author:  Judy Nayer
Cover Illustration:  R.W. Alley

children book How Many?

Topic Literature Acitivity
Using Crititcal Thinking Questions

1.  If you had to graph the students in your class what is one way you would?
2.  Why is counting important and how do you use it each day?

girl signing I love you

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