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Created by: Carin Jones

girl signing I love you

Hello, my name is Carin Jones and I am currently a Senior at Valdosta State Univerisity with an anticipated graduation date of May 6, 2006! 
My major is Special Education with an emphasis in Deaf Education.  I transfered from
Utah Valley State College to Valdosta State University - Kingsbay.   I recieved my Associate's Degree from VSU-Kingsbay before actually moving to Valdosta to live and continue my schooling.  I plan to pursue my education by attending Graduate School at Valdosta State University to recieve my Master's Degree in Deaf Education. 

                  various signing hands                           colorful hands                           signing hands
I am from St. Marys, GA and a 2000 graduate of Camden County High School.  My hobbies or things that I enjoy are: writing poetry/spoken word and stories, reading, dancing, listening to music, playing basketball, being outside, and getting dirty. 

I am an animal lover!  I have had numerous pets including: dogs, a cat, hamsters, a turtle, fish, birds, and a rabbit.  My favorite animal in the whole wide world is a monkey!  At the moment I have no pets but plan to have another rabbit and a dog. 

face of monkey       toy poodle        bunnies rubbing noses

Right beside loving pets I adore children!  I have been working in a wonderful childcare facility - Krayons Academy - in St. Marys, GA ever since I was 16 years of age.  I have worked with children between the ages of 6 months to 12 years within the facility.

One day I plan to visit an exotic island like the Pacific Islands or the Caribbean.  Since that is not possible anytime soon...I enjoy the coast of Florida!

coast of Hawaii        pacific islander children        hawaii at night                                                                 
Helpful sites that I enjoy that may help future teachers as well as current teachers are and

      deaf children performing song        
  ASL fingerspelled            hands in shape of heart

child signing

children signing in class

culturally diverse hands

adult hand and child hand reaching

i love hands touching

heart hands voices

Electronic Reading Activity

baby sign book

        holding hands adult and child       

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