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Welcome to my flower garden!!  My name is Ashley Pless, and this is my fourth year at Valdosta State University.  My major is Special Educuation interrelated Early Childhood.  It is a dual program which falls under both the Special Education Department and the Early Childhood Department where I will be certified to teach in both areas.  I have always wanted to be a teacher because I feel that nothing can be more satisfying than knowing that  I made a difference in a child's life.  I am eagerly anticipating becoming a teacher and one day having a kindergarten or first grade classroom of my own.

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I am from Ellaville, Georgia.  It is located about 20 miles NW of Americus.  It is a terribly small town with only one red light!  Just to let you see how small it is, we just got a Sub-Way about five years ago, which was our first chain restaurant ever!!

I actually attended high school in Americus at Southland Academy.  I went there from kindergarten until I graduated from high school.  Even though I was glad to graduate from there, it will always hold a special place in my heart.  GO RAIDERS!

When I first came to VSU, I was part of a program called the Freshman Year Experience.  I was in Mrs. Tillman's class, and she really helped us get used to the college life.  I met some interesting people, including my boyfriend, Paul, of three years!  I made a webpage in this class that talked about what classes I was taking, what was going on in my life at the time and about the FYE program.  I really enjoyed this experience.

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Although I may not be that great at it anymore, my all time favorite hobby would have to be dancing!  I started taking dance when I was three and had to quit when I was eighteen because I moved here.  I miss it very much!  I really miss competing!  We competed in the national dance competitions held by Hoctor's Dance Caravan every summer.  On my last competition we went to Nashville, Tennessee.  We won National Grand Champion for our clogging routine that year and that will always be something that I will remember!!  We were incredibly excited!

I love music!!  I cannot sing a lick, but I sure do love trying!!  I think music is wonderful!  Whether it was because of church or dance, I grew up with music all around me.  My friends tease me because to them it seems like every song on the radio, I either know the lyrics to or at some point or another I did a dance to it.  But even with all of the great music out there, I believe that nothing can beat an old traditional church hymn!

I am a nut for reality TV!  I love watching Trading Spouses, Newlyweds, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and of course American Idol!!  I can't miss it!  My friends and I get together and watch every episode on Wednesday!  We have a blast!

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