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Candi Williams.Candy and other sweets you can eat.

    My name is Candi Williams. I attend Valdosta State University where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I recently graduated from South Georgia College with an Associate's Degree in Sociology. So far during my stay in Valdosta Georgia, I have participated in several community service projects dealing with education. I also recently joined the Student Council of International Reading Association.
    I am from Augusta, GA, and now I reside in Atlanta, GA, where I have lived for over eight years now. I come from a family of seven children. I am also a twin. I am pleased to say that so far my twin and I are the only people in our family to attend college. Because of this, I view education as a privilege and a great opportunity to better myself.
My Twin and I.
    I am ambitious, determined, fun loving, tolerant, very organized, and I enjoy working with children. I have known that I wanted to become a teacher since my sophomore year of high school. I believe children are our future. I also believe that it is very important to build a solid foundation for learning for all children. Children need a dose of love every day. There are two special websites that I would recommend for teachers: Tips on Becoming a Teacher and  Teacher Tools, these websites may be very helpful to all teachers. I am very excited about becoming a teacher! Heart

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