Turkeys in the Straw
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs.Gray's Pre-Kindergarten class at Hallmark Heights Head Start Program By Christie Matthews, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

big picture of turkeys

Happy Holidays!! Tis the season for Turkeys!! What's one of the main courses that you eat on Thanksgiving? A turkey of course! Since November is time of Thanksgiving, we are going to give thanks for our very own fat juicy turkey! Can you think of any other things or people that you are thankful for this season?

running turkey
In order for us to be good hunters, we have to know some background information on our subjects. Click here for lots of important information about all kinds of turkeys.
turkey on the plate
There's lots more for us to learn about turkeys. There is still so much that we do not know. Click here for more interesting facts about turkeys.
turkey fishing
Since we have plenty of information about turkeys now, I think we should see some pictures of some real turkeys. Click here to see those pictures.
small turkey
Here is a website where you can learn about wild and American turkeys. There are also fun activities like coloring pages and crafts. Click here for loads of fun!
turkey harvest
I think we may have found our big juicy turkey! Click here to view a picture of the biggest turkey that you have ever seen!
real turkey
This website will link you to the Encyclopedia Britannica. You can learn all kinds of facts about turkeys. Hurry, knowledge awaits you! Click here to load your brain with great info.

Mission Activity
Greetings fellow hunters! Today we are on a mission. Since this is the month of November, we are learning all about turkeys. Today you are going to pretend that you are a famous hunter in search of the biggest, fattest, juiciest turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. You must keep your eyes wide open so you don't let any turkeys pass you by!

Mission Steps
1. Go to the link from above where you can look at several different kinds of turkeys. You can also reach that same link by clicking here.

2. Take out a piece of paper and crayons so you can draw a turkey. Make sure you don't forget the colorful feathers. You will use this picture as your guide as you're hunting for your fat and juicy turkey.

3. Go to the website that has what you have been hunting for. You can get to it by clicking on the link above, or you can click here. I think this may be the biggest fattest turkey that you have ever seen!

4. Take out another piece of paper and draw that big turkey. He's going to be our Thanksgiving turkey. We found him! We found him!

5. Once you have finished drawing your final picture of the big, fat, juicy turkey, write in big letters on top of the picture the word FOUND! You have found your Thanksgiving turkey and now your teacher can hang up your pictures all over the classroom. Everyone will know that you went hunting for a Thanksgiving turkey and you found one!

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