The Reverend Thomas's False Teeth
Retold By: Gayle Gillerlain
Page and Story Designed By: Christie Matthews

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    The Reverend Thomas's False Teeth is a family story about a little girl named Gracie, several members of her family, and Reverend Thomas. The story takes place on a Sunday afternoon as Gracie's mother cooks dinner. Reverend Thomas comes over to eat with Gracie and her family every Sunday, and he just loves the fried chicken that Gracie's mother cooks.

   Just as everyone is about to sit down at the table to have dinner, Gracie's brother Will bursts in to announce that Reverend Thomas has lost his false teeth in the river! Everyone in the family rushes out to try to help recover the teeth, but they are way down deep in the river.

    Gracie has an idea about how to get the false teeth, but nobody will listen to her. Gracie's father, brother, and some of the neighrborhood boys try to fish the teeth out of the river, but no one is able to find them. Gracie is persistent about her idea, but still, no one will let her speak up. If no one can get Reverend Thomas's false teeth out of the river, then he wont be able to enjoy the mouth watering fried chicken that Gracie's mother cooked for dinner. What will happen?

Questions: Why do you think that no one will listen to Gracie? What would you do to make a grown-up listen to you if you had an idea?

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