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My name is Christie Matthews and I am 21 years old. I am currenlty a senior attending Valdosta State University. I'm in the  Early Childhood and Reading Education Program and hopefully by the Fall of 2005 I will have my Bachelor of Science in Education degree. My favorite pastimes are reading, watching cartoons, and relaxing on the beach. My favorite cartoon is SpongeBob Squarepants. Click here for a great website about the silly underwater sponge. It has games, fun facts and much more!


This past May, I visited Nassau Bahamas. I had a great time. I loved the food, the people, and most of all the beach! The waters are crystal blue and the air always smells like a summer breeze. I stayed there for a whole week, but that hardly seemed like long enough. I think everyone should visit the Bahamas at least once in their life. If you love beaches and want more information on them, you can click here.

yea sponge                                           beach

Now, all they need to do is somehow find a way to combine SpongeBob with beaches and I'll be set for life!

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