A... B... C... Come Read
<>with ME  
<>This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Christian's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School By
<>Mandi Ladson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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     Do you want to learn how to read? Do you feel like you may never figure it all out? Or, do you know how to read, but just need a little bit more practice? I have put together some wonderful websites to help you on your road to reading success! But, beware everyone who enters leaves with something...


Big Bird has received a letter in the
mail. Can you help him find pictures that start with
the letter? Find out by clicking here.
A cow has been eating the letters of the alphabet.
Can you help find the missing letters? Find out by clicking here.
Can you put the letters of the alphabet in order? This
is a fun game to help you learn. Click here to play.
Clifford is practicing his sounds. Help Clifford match the sounds
that go with each picture. Click here to play.

Ever had problems writing your letters? This website is here
to help you learn how to write your letters. Click here to start writing
Ever wanted to learn where our alphabet came from?
Click here to find out who invented the first
alphabet, and many other interesting facts.


Imagine you are a private decetive. All the letters of the alphabet are missing.  You have been
hired to help find them. Let Big Bird help you in your search by clicking here.  It is your
job to track them down, so look carefully, and GOOD LUCK! 

Mission Steps

1. Click on the link above and find some of the letters of the alphabet.

2. When you find a letter write it down, do this for 5 different letters.

3. Once you are finished draw a picture with each of the 5 letters. Pay careful attention and make sure that you draw a picture that starts with each of the five letters you picked.



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