Let's Learn All About Georgia!

Page Developed By: Mandi Ladson

As part of your assignment on Georgia, you are required to find information for your travel brochure. Please use the different webpages listed below to answer all the questions on your scavenger hunt guide! After you have completed your hunt you will work with a team to create a travel guide for people who want to come and visit our great state!


Happy Hunting!


Step 1
-  On your first stop you will uncover four of Georgia's state          symbols. Click on the picture of the Georgia State Capitol to begin your adventure! Remember that you have to draw the symbols, and name them.



Step 2
- Your next question asks you which city the capitol of Georgia is in. You probably already know the answer to this question, but click on the picture of the state of Georgia below, and make sure that you are correct!


Carefully read the information on this page, and you can also find the answer to question #3!


Step 3
- I hope that you found the answer to the first part of question three from the website above, but there is a second part to that question click on the picture of the people below to find out the population of our capitol city. You will have to look carefully to find the correct answer.



Step 4
- Yesterday we talked about the Governor, where he lives, and what he does. Click on the picture of our Governor and his wife to discover their names, and some general information about them.



Step 5
- Georgia has a couple of nicknames. Your scavenger hunt requires you to find one. Click on the picture of the peach and look carefully to find one of Georgia's nicknames.



Step 6
- There has been one President of the United States that was from Georgia. Click on the picture below, and read carefully to find out who. When you find that person's name click on it to find out more information about this man (including where he lives in Georgia).



Step 7 -
Georgia has a state song. Click on the picture below to find out the name of that song, and who sings it.



Step 8
- (You are almost finished smiley) Below are links to some interesting places to visit in Georgia. Pick one of the places, and answer the questions on your scavenger hunt sheet about the place you pick.