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Returning to school to earn a second undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Special Education was a very good decision for me. I hold an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of West Georgia and have worked closely with members of the General Assembly of Georgia and with several poilitcal campaigns. I am also a licensed real estate salesperson; my license is currently inactive. But, I have spent most of my life building and raising a family. My children are Marianne, Trea, Trystan, Jordan and Jadun. They range in ages from 23 years to 6 years. Marianne is a college student at Paine College. Trea and Trystan are in high school and middle school, respectively, and are involved in intramural sports at their respective schools. Jordan and Jadun are in elementary school and are rising theatrical and football stars, respectively. Marianne is pictured below. I refer to her picture as "God's gifts." I consider all of my children as gifts. It's just that I also love flowers, too.

Marianne surrounded by flowers Jadun and Jordan at the beach Jadun and Jordan at the beach Trea Trystan
Jadun and Jordan Jordan and Jadun Trea 
One of my favorite places is the Georgia Aquarium. It is a magically peaceful place for me because I see many animals that live in the water that I would not otherwise see. They are splendid, graceful, and majestic! There are beluga whales (my favorite), whale sharks and rays, tropical fish and jellies, and piranha! Soon, dolphins will live in the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta!

Another one of my favorite places is the Georgia State Capitol. The capitol building houses the General Assembly of Georgia which includes the state senate and the house of representatives. It is also home to the office of the Governor of Georgia, the Lt. Governor, and the Secretary of State. The fourth floor of the Capitol features a museum. Around since 1889, the museum contains an extensive collection of artifacts that reflect the natural and cultural history of Georgia, animals, rocks and minerals, and fossils that illustrate the diversity of the history of Georgia. Native American artifacts are also an integral part of the museum. Moreover, the entire building also acts as a museum. The portraits of Governors, statues of famous Georgians, and historic flags from many wars are displayed throughout the Capitol building. For more information, visit the website of the Secretary of State.

My favorite place in the whole wide world is my father's house. His name is Joseph; we call him JB. He has this magnificant surround sound system that blasts music videos and concert footage throughout the lower level of his home. My favorite concert footage is Janet Jackson's The Velvet Rope Tour (New York); I like Beyonce's videos. And, he has the best and biggest Christmas village I have ever seen!!!

christmas village
Christmas village christmas village
Christmas Village 2009
Christmas Village 2009
Christmas Village 2009

I chose to pursue this degree at Valdosta State University in the Department of Early Childhood & Special Education because it is a very strong program and will prepare me to earn a Ph.D. before I am 50. It was also time for a change! I am affectionately known by my classmates as Ms. Carol.

Since I am an Early Childhood Special Education major, I have found several websites that would be useful to both teachers and parents as we strive to educate our children who receive special education services. One such website is the Georgia Department of Education. This website provides all of the information that parents and teachers need to understand the educational system in the state of Georgia. Another website, Wrightslaw, provides parents with information about special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities.

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My email address is cajonesrozier@valdosta.edu.

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