Peter Cottontail's Surprise

by Bonnie Worth
Picture and Paint by Bonnie Rowe


    I think Peter Cottontail's Surprise is a great book.  My kids are always excited when I read it to them.  They never get tired of it.  They seem to share not only Peter's excitement, but also his disappointment.
    In the story, Peter is sooo... excited.  He wants to greet Spring!  All of the Cottontail Clan, however, are too busy to go outside with him.  Finally, Peter's father suggests that he go outside by himself to see Spring.  Peter can't wait.  When he gets outside and finally sees Spring, he is delighted.  It is everything he imagined.  But, all the woodland animals he meets are too busy to play with him. 
so, Peter begins to play by himself.  When he hears a beautiful sound coming from the clearing near his home, he investigates.  As soon as he arrives, he is surprised  to find all the Cottontail Clan and his woodland friends waiting for him.  It is his birthday!
     I believe this story is important because it helps children understand that family and friends, even  though they are sometimes very busy, still love them and will be there for them.

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