Fun on the Farm
The topic was designed for Mrs. Christian Kindergarten class at Quitmen Elementary
 By Britton Spivey A Valdosta Perservice Teacher

dairy cow

Welcome to the farm! I hope you wore your workin' clothes because we are going to visit many farms with chickens, pigs, horses, cows and many more. Have you ever been to a farm? What is your favorite farm animal? Do you know all the sounds farm animals make? We will do many fun activities,  but pay close attention to all the places we will visit because you never know when you might just have to manage your own farm.

real live chikens See what kind of web page a kindergarten class did when they learned all about farm animals.
Do you think you will be able to learn as much as this kindergarten class did?

real plough
Meet Tina the Tractor!  Visit a farm and all the animals. Tina will take you on a tour to see what a farmer's day is like.  If that is not enough excitement play on the farm playground.
real horses
Learn all about chickens, cattle, horses, and sheep at  kids farm! Where kids Rule!!  Do you think you would like to be a farmer?  What do you think their day is like?
real pigs one black and one pink
Learn all kinds of fun facts about animals like how cows have four stomachs and no front teeth.  Learn many other funny fact and information about other farm animals.
real cow white with brown spots
Sam is 6 years old boy who loves to work on his farm.  He shows you pictures of all the animals on his farm and even teaches you about safety.
real sheep with a thick coat of wool
The fun isn't over yet do even more fun things at farm life.  What are some things you like about the farm life? What are some things you do not like about the farm life so far?
Get to know horses a little better at this site.  You can learn about fun facts, test your horse knowledge, and even join a horse lovers club!!
real goat
Listen to animal sounds. Play animal match games. Learn silly animal poems, and much more fun!!!
real goose and its baby
Look on the encyclopedia for information about farms. Type in the word farm and have someone read all the wonderful information about farm and farm animals.
a john deer tractor
Elmo has gone to the to keep the farm for farmer McDonald.  But something is very strange about the animals.  See if you can tell what is going on.


 Ol' McDonald needs your help he has to leave town for a couple of days and needs you to manage the farm.  Ol' McDonald wants to make sure it safe to leave his animals with you and wants you to complete the test below before he has to leaving. He also wants to make sure you know why each animal is so very useful to him on the farm.  After completing your mission you will be given a special farmer's award.  Remember everything you learn today, and have fun!!

Mission Steps

1. Explore the links provided, in order to learn about farm animals.

2. Click  Get Ready to begin. When you are at the site click on the animal you think is a farm animal. There will be more than one. If you click on an animal and get a sad face, it is not a farm animal. When you click on a farm animal you will see a happy face which means you are right.

Get Ready

3.  Now take out the letter that Ol' McDonald left for you with the instructions.  Get out your crayons and paper. Draw, and color your two favorite farm animals.  If you are not sure which ones you like the best click on Sam's website I'm sure he will help you!

4. Give your drawing to the teacher.  Tell her/him why each animal is useful and why Ol' Mcdonal needs them on his farm.  Also tell the teacher what kind of sound the animals that you chose makes. 


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