The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs
Jon Scieska
Picture and Story by Britton Spive

three fat pink pigs

This is the wolf's side of what happen that day. Al short for Alexander T. Wolf is claming that everyone has gotten the story all wrong. Al says it was all the pigs fault and the real story is all about a sneeze and a cup of sugar.  Al says he was simply trying to make a birthday cake for his little old grandmother.  He had an awful cold that day and didn't feel like doing anything but he knew how much this would mean to her.  However in the process of making the birthday cake he ran out of sugar and decided to go down the street and ask his neighbor.

    His neighbor was a pig and not to bright either because he built his house out of straw. So the minute Al knocked on the door it caved right in.  He called for the piggy but no answer.  He was about to go home without a cup of sugar until he felt a sneeze coming on. HE HUFFED and HE SUFFED and SNEEZED a great sneeze. Well the house fell apart and there laid a little piggy dead as a doornail.  Well he didn't want to waste such a wonderful ham dinner so he ate him up.   The same thing happened at the next house.  He felt a sneeze and the next thing he knew the house came tumbling down.  And in the middle of all those sticks was another dead little piggy so he ate him up to. 

    Well he still didn’t have his cup of sugar so he went to the third piggy's house.   Well the third pig was so rude  poor ol' Al he was just about to turn around and make a card for his granny instead. Until.... the third little piggy had the nerve to say”And your old granny can sit on a pin."  Well Al just lost it he began to huff and puff just making a real scene. And about that time the press was  there catching every bit of it. That is how he became known as the BIG BAD WOLF.  The rest is history.  But do you know what the saddest part is about this whole story? He is never got that cup of sugar.

Critical thinking Questions
1.  Think of Goldilocks and the 3 little bears what might she say she was doing over at the bear’s house that day?
2. How do you think the story would end if the Wolf  had gotten the cup of sugar at the first house?   Who's story do you believe and why?

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