All aboard!   man in a train

  Conductor Britton Spivey
I am so excited you chose to travel with me. First stop, my home town. I grew up in a small town called Douglas Georgia  its about an hour north of Valdosta.  There I attended Coffee High School where my interest began as a future teacher.  In high sch ool I began an internship program through the local elementary schools.  Young children are always so excited and eager to learn. I instantly wanted to be a part of their world and declared my major as Early Childhood Education.
I am currently attending Valdosta State University. 

Next Stop! Let me take a moment to introduce my family. My parents are divorced so I have two homes.  My family is very important to me.  I have one older sister name Blakely Harper.  She recieved her masters in social work from  Valdosta State University, and now works in Tifton, Georgia.  My mother is a traveling nurse and has traveled to all different states, working in hundreds of hospitals.  When she is not working she retreats to her home in Fernandina Beach. My dad  is district manager of Altell in Douglas, Ga.  He is the man you need to see when you have a phone problem.  I also have a brother-in-law , Alex Harper.  He is a probation officer, and when he is not dealing with the bad guys he is just a big cut up.  All these people are very special to me, and hold a very sp
ecial place in my heart.                       
                                                     a family with little children

The next stop  will be exploring my hobbies so get comfortable because I have quite a few. I love to shop.  I am what most people would call a shop-aholic.  Very few times have I passed up a trip to the mall, or a shopping adventure.  I also love the sports of the deep south such as ridding four wheelers, fishing, coon hunting, and eating.  Yes, I consider eating a hobby and a sport.  In the south, festivals all center around food alone, and I try to make a public appearance at almost all.   I have one more stop, though, I will make this one quick. I am sure everyone is getting hungry.
a huge sub sandwich with all the works                               a man with his gun a his hunting dog                                    credit cards (visa, mastercard,discover,and american express)                                
Final stop! Our final stop will start in Hollywood. There we will find links to my favorite movies and singers.  I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  For three years I have watched them struggle to destroy the ring.   Gollim is my favorite character even though he is a villain he is just so darn cute! My favorite musician is Kenny Chesney.  For the pass four years I have gone to watch him in concert
.   My favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows.  Even though its a children novel, it is very powerful literature. It captured my heart from the very beginning.  Well thats about it! Remember to get all your belongings and follow the exit signs out. Thanks for ridding the Britton Continitial and come aboard with me anytime.                      
                                    a picture of a young boy (frodo in in the move lord on the rings)                  a picture of kenney chesnney standing up with a cowboy hat on                                   
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