Tropical Paradise:Under the Sea

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs.Vedas Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School By Brandee Jacobs, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

two bottle nosed dolphins

 Introduction: Did you know the earth is mostly made of water? Do you know how many oceans are in the world? Would you like to take a trip through each of the ocean to see what we can find. Will we find animals? Will we find plants? Do you know any animals that live the sea? Come with me to discover a whole new world.

blue fish in bright blue water

A parrotfish
This website is called Squish the Fish . He is trying to swim through the ocean to find lunch. While he is looking for lunch his friends help him hide from the big bad blob fish with one tooth. Would you like to help him find his lunch? Click on the link in blue to start you fun.
clown fish
Everyone loves a great movie. Well here is a movie about what's under the sea on BrainPoP. Lets watch it together.
a turtle in the ocean swimming
Create our own ocean. Add what ever u like to the picture. Then your teacher can print it. The Ocean as See It
sperm whale
Come with me to read a story about one of the largest animals in the Ocean. Do what animal I am talking about? Click here to see.
red coral in the big blue ocean
The are other things in the sea besides fishes, whales and sharks. There is an other animal called Coral. If you would like to learn more about Coral click here.
orange fish puzzle game
If you are good a memory games I have the site for you. This game is all about matching pictures. Come with me to test that great memory  at the fun zone.
rocks on a coastal line
 Have you ever been to the beach and seen the waves crash against the beach or the rocks? If not come take the time to see it now with a live feed from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
picture of the ocean wile standing on a cliff
In the beginning I asked if you knew how many oceans there are. Do you know the answer? If not lets go take a look at the encyclopedia for the answer to my question.
two dolphins kissing
 When you think of animals of the sea. What animal comes to mind first? You guessed it! Dolphins!
juvenile a type of fish that is red and orange
Now that we have looked at all these sites about the ocean. Do you have any questions? if you do lets ask the Marine Biologist.

Mission : Special Guest Speaker
   You are now an
expert from studying the ocean and you will be the ths special guest speaker for your class. You will pretend to be a Marine Biologist that studies dolphins. Remember the Marine Biologist is the person who studies the plant and animal life in the ocean.  It will be your job to tell the class all you know about dolphins. You must describe what a dolphin looks like. Don't worry you will do a great job! Lets go get started!

Mission Steps

Step 1: Using the provided link, Dolphins, and the help of your instructor, explore the wonderful world of dolphins.

Step 2: As you look around, think about how you will describe a dolphin.  You may take notes or draw pictures if you need to.

Step 3:List some facts about dolphins, and draw a picture of it; your picture will help you describe what a dolphin looks like.

Step 4: Tell the class what you learned about dolphins. Remember to share  your picture with the class to describe what type of animal dolphins might be, and  where dolphins do live. Good Luck.  I know you can do it!

Step 5: Tell the class your favorite thing about Dolphins.

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