Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bug
By Katharine Ross
Illustrated by Tom Brannon
Picture an Story by  Brandee Jacobs

big bird talking to his lightning bug infront of his nest

    One night Big Bird saw a bug shining in the dark. he was sitting on the steps next to Oscar's Trash can. Big Bird realized the bug as a lightning bug. he asked the little green bug to come here. He said he would not hurt him. The little bug came close and Big Bird placed him in a jar. TWINKLE, TWINKLE, TWINKLE went the little lightning bug. The lightning bug was unhappy.
    Once Big Bird had him in the jar he showed him to Earnie and asked the little bug to twinkle. TWINKLE, TWINKLE, TWINKLE went the lightning bug. the little bug was unhappy in the jar as Big Bird walked down the street to speak to Zoe. Big Bird looked at the little bug and asked him to twinkle for Zoe. TWINKLE, TWINKLE
TWINKLE the bug went for Zoe. As Big Bird approached a park bench he saw Bert and he showed the lightning bug to Bert. He asked the little bug to twinkle one more time. The little bug did not twinkle.
    The next day Big Bird tried to get the little bug to twinkle. He tried to talking to him, giving him a pillow to sleep on, and sharing a cookie with him but he still would not twinkle. He even tried playing him some music and he still would not twinkle. Big Bird saw Grover walking by and asked him what he could do to make the little bug feel better. Grover then asked him how he would feel in someone put him in a jar. Big Bird thought about it and decided to let the little bug go. TWINKLE, TWINKLE, TWINKLE Went the little lightning bug as he flew high in the sky.

Critical Thinking Questions:
1. In the story Big bird catches the lighting bug in the jar. How would you feel if someone tried to catch you to put you in a jar?
2. How would you feel if  you lived in a jar?

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