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 Welcome to my page! My name is Blair ShanDale Haggard I'm originally from the small town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma but now reside in Valdosta, Georgia.  I'm a junior and go to Valdosta State University where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education.  My mother is one of my biggest inspirations and plays a huge role in my life that is why I want to become a future educator. Being half the woman my mother is, and a great role model to children is what I'm going to strive to achieve and become. I believe that children are the future and if we teach them well, show them a positive way and remind each of them how beautiful they each are the world will be a better place. Every child is searching for a superhero or someone to look up to, so if I can be that superwoman I will have accomplished my goal and will play that role to the best of my ability.


My family and friends mean the world to me and I would be lost without them. Being from Oklahoma I'm not able to go home often so I've been adopted by many friends. I'm very fortunate to have got the opportunity to have moved that far away from home and meet so many new and wonderful people. My best friend Holly and her family have been amazing, since I've moved here she has not only been my best friend but like a sister. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters back in Oklahoma that I love dearly. I miss my family more than anything but wouldn't trade moving to Georgia for nothing. My life in Georgia is very fast pace compared to Oklahoma, I work 3 jobs and go to school full time. Staying busy in my life is a must, let's just say there is never a dull moment! I enjoy everything I do and I put my heart and soul into it. If it's cheerleading, school or work I will give 100% plus some to make sure each task is done to its best ability!


I chose teaching as a career because I wanted to be a teacher who affects many lifes in a positive way. I hope to be the type of teacher that students want to take along as they move up the educational ladder.  I'm willing to work together with parents and the community to ensure that their children are a success in the classroom and later in life. I looked on websites that I thought would be helpful for a new teacher like me and came across Teaching Tips, it was very interesting and gave a lot of good ideas. For some
Inspiration I found some qutoes that eased my mind, which I'm sure you'll enjoy also!

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