Fall into Thanksgiving

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Harris' Pre-Kindergarten Class at North Brooks Elementary School by Britney Vickers, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful!  Thanksgiving is a time that we spend with our family members and eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!  At this webpage,  you will be able to learn more about Thanksgiving.  You will learn about the meaning of Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and Indians, and many more sites to help you make Thanksgiving exciting! Let's get started!  


This site will teach you how to grow your own corn.  You can grow corn just like the Indians at Thanksgiving.
This site will help keep you entertained while you are learning.  Just use your English books to help you find nouns, verbs, and adjectives and place them where they belong in the sentence.
This site will show you how to make a turkey out of stuff that you will find outside.  Try going on a nature trail and finding leaves and a pine cone.
Have a question about a Thanksgiving.  You can find it here at this site.  Find out all you wanted to know about wild turkeys and farm turkeys.
To make a turkey snack, this site will be lots of fun for you and your friends.  Ask your mom to get this stuff at the store for you and you can make dessert!
Why do we eat turkey at Thanksgiving? To learn about the turkey you can go to this site and find out all of the exciting facts you never knew about a turkey.
The Pilgrims and the Indians!!!
Find out how they made it a national holiday and why we celebrate this day.
This site will be fun and a learning experience.  This is a site that all you need is a printer and a pencil.  Figure out the words that go in the word puzzle and have fun!
What is the meaning of Thanksgiving?  Find out the meaning at this site and why we use the turkey as one of our symbols.
The story of the first Thanksgiving is at this site.  Read to find out what happened. 

Scenario Mission

We are going to go back in time to 1621 in a time capsule, the day of the first Thanksgiving.  When you get off of the time capsule you will be invisible so no one can see you. Ready, let's go!
You step off the capsule and look around you.  Everyone is wearing very different clothes.  Look at the Indians...what are they wearing?  Now, look at the Pilgrims...and what are they wearing. 
Now think, what would you wear if you had of lived back in 1621?  Would you be a Pilgrim or an Indian?  I would like you to draw a picture on a piece of white paper.  The picture should be of what you would wear to the Thanksgiving feast.  When drawing remember to use your imagination and make it very colorful!
Check out this site to help you come up with some ideas:

Pilgrims and Indians

 Mission Steps
1.  Your teacher will supply you with white paper.
2. Make sure to have all the color crayon colors you want.
3. Draw a picture of what you would wear if you lived in       1621 as either a Pilgrim or an Indian.  Make sure to          include hats, belts, feathers, bows, etc.
4. Make sure you do your best and take a lot of time             because later you will show your classmates and your         teacher will scan your picture onto the internet.



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