The Berenstain Bears
Watch too Much TV

By: Stan & Jan Bereinstan
Picture and Page Designed by: Britney Vickers

Bereinstan Bears

    The Berenstain Bear family is having a little trouble.  Everyone is fighting over the television.  Mama Bear does not know what to do about this situation.   She begins to think about a way to  get the Berenstain Family  away from the television.
    Finally, after Mama Bear had had enough, she banned the television from everyone watching it.  She told everyone to find something else to do.  The bear cubs were mad at first.  They did not want to do anything else, but watch television.  Soon, they realized that they had to do something other than lay around and stay mad.  So they played outside, found books to read, and found other activities to keep themselves busy.  Mama Bear liked that her family was doing other things than sitting in front of the television.  There was no more fighting over what show to watch. 
    After a few days of playing and no one watching television the cubs had not even realized that they were missing their favorite programs.  The cubs were happy playing outside with their friends and Mama bear was happy that no one was fighting. 
After the cubs realized that they could have fun without watching television, they decided that the television was not that important.  

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