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Britney's Home Page
By: Britney Vickers


Hi! My name is Britney Vickers.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am in the Early Childhood Department at VSU. I will graduate in a year and a half and plan to teach first grade. I am from a small town named Alma, GA.  I moved to Valdosta, GA to attend college and have been here for almost three years. I would like to move to a nice place that is larger than where I grew up.  I enjoy being with my friends and family.  I also, love children and hope to have a few of my own one-day.  I like to think I am as creative as the people on Trading Spaces, but I'm not.  I have a fetish for flip flops.  I seem to think that flip flops are the only thing there is to wear on my feet.  If it were up to me I would wear them every day of my life.     

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A little about my family
        I am the twenty-two year old daughter of Gavin and Vicki Vickers. I have two younger brothers, Heath who is twenty and Brock fourteen.  My family is very active and has always been that way.  My dad, Gavin, is the Principal of the Bacon County Middle School.  He also helps in coaching Football, Baseball, and Bastekball.  My mom, Vicki, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  She is also the choir director of our local church, president of the Bacon Theater, and member of the Bacon Football boosters, Sunshine Sisters (women's group at church) and a full time mom.  My brother Heath goes to South Georgia College where he plays baseball.  He is the catcher for the team. He has played baseball for as long as I can remember.  The other sports he has played would include football and basketball.  Brock is also a ballplayer.  He plays football, baseball, and basketball as well.  He is playing on a school, travel league, and recreational baseball team all at the same time.  He is very creative and draws all the time.
A little about me

        I graduated from Bacon County High School on May 26, 2000.  I came to Valdosta the Fall semester after I graduated high school.  At the time, I thought I wanted to be a nurse, but soon realized that I would rather teach.  I chose to come to Valdosta because of the beautiful campus and I love the atmosphere.  Some of my favorite hobbies are going to the beach, painting pottery, and making scrap books.


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