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Hello, my name is Britni Jones and I am currently in my first professional block for teacher education at Valdosta State University. I am a sophomore and enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program. I expect to graduate in December of 2008. After I complete my degree, I hope to start working and I plan to get my masters degree in library science. I want to teach in a school system, but my main goal is to end up in a library.

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 I used to work at De Soto Trail Regional Library. It was a great experience and working there helped me decide to get my masters in library science. While I was working there, I got to lead story hours with younger childern and it proved to be a fun experience. It was great working with the children that came in and doing different activities with them.
My family is very important to me. I have the cutest little cousins that I love to death. I also love animals. I have a miniature dauschund and a cat at home. I enjoy the beach and the place I enjoy going to the most is Panama City Beach, Florida.

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I do not travel very much, but if I could go to one place it would have to be Australia. I am from a small town in Southwest Georgia called Camilla. I love the small town life, and after I finish college I will move back. I enjoy shopping, reading, making scrapbooks and hanging out with my friends.

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There are two good websites I found that I think will be very useful to me as a teacher, and will be helpful to other teachers. The two websites are

Scholastic and Teacher Center. The websites offer lesson plans, advice, and many other helpful things that teachers need.


Student Resources

Ways I Can Integrate Technology

LiveText Portfolio

Topic Mini-Research & Literature Website

Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan

Topic Literature Lesson Plan

Electronic Reading Activity


Inspiration Concept Map

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