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Reaching For The

Coastal Academy is a First District RESA alternative school for K -12  students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders (EBD).  We are located in Brunswick Georgia and service the Glynn, McIntosh  , Camden , and Liberty county school systems. We operate from a separate campus that is separated from the home schools of the systems we service. We function in a self-contained classroom setting, teaching all subjects as well as developing strategies for dealing with social-emotional disorders.



My name is Brian Turner. I have lived in the South Georgia area for my entire life. I love the coastal area of the country. I am a outdoor guy and this area is prime for any kind of outdoor activity whether I’m in the mood for para-surfing, kayaking, skimboarding, hiking, fishing or just hanging out at the beach I can find it here. For me, South Georgia is a great place to be. I got into teaching so that I could have summers off and enjoy all the things I like to do, but once I started working with our children my perspective changed. I honestly want to help my kids find success in and out of the classroom.


I operate a self-contained classroom focusing on academic and social-emotional development of 8th and 9th grade students. I teach all subjects to my class which affords me the ability to link many subjects to one another. I am a firm believer in linking subjects such as using essays and free writing to teach History and Literature and linking Math and Science in lab work. Discipline, accountability and building relationships are my main focuses in regard to classroom management. Building the Relationship is the most important part of my philosophy. From that relationship every other aspect of growth is achieved. Establishing both discipline and accountability is only possible because of that key ideal This class is a tight ship but through those key ideals I am able to affect change in young men and women. Our intervention techniques incorporate both Life Space Crisis Intervention and Mindset  and I personally believe both of these strategies afford us our success.

Reaching                                                                    For                                                                             star                                                                             


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Brain PoP is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies

 for students in grades K-12.

BrainPoP covers the subjects of science, social studies,
English, mathematics, arts andmusic, health and technology. 


Discovery Education is a division which offers "streaming"

 educational video material into schools via the internet.


Merriam Webster provides free access to an online dictionary and thesaurus.

Study Island, provides standards-based instruction, practice, testing and

 other tools for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.


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