Fall Into a Bountiful Harvest

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Linda Smith's Room Seven at Moody Air Force Base Child Development Center By Becky Cliett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Have you ever wondered why the leaves change color in the Fall?  How about information on pumpkins?  Do you know who has grown the BIGGEST pumpkin?  Well, take a look at these exciting websites!  There is so much to learn about this new time of the year.  Have fun!

Pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes.  Have you ever seen a reall
y BIG pumpkin? Go to this website to see the BIGGEST pumpkin!

This is a book about different jack-o-lanterns.  Have fun looking at these silly faces!

During the Fall, leaves change colors and fall off the trees.  Check out this autumn scrapbook to see different leaves in their fall colors!

Many holidays occur during the Fall.  The most well-know is Thanksgiving.  Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving? Click here to find out!

Turkey's are a very important part of Thanksgiving. This site will give you a chance to hunt your own. Good luck!!

Pilgrims were some of the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Here's an online  encyclopedia for you to look up some interesting information.

Mission Activity

Have you ever been to the mountains in autumn?  Well, we are going to pretend that we are going on a hike through the mountains today.  We are going to look at the pictures of many different leaves.  We can learn the names of the different leaves and then try and identify some of the leaves on our own campus.  The leaves that we do find, we will bring them into the classroom and make rubbings from them.  Autumn is such a great time of the year and we can participate in all of the changes! Get ready to have some fun!

Mission Steps
1.  First we will go to this website and check out some different kinds of leaves. 

2.  Then we will walk around our school and collect some leaves of our own. 

3.  After that, we will take our leaves back to the room and share them with each other. 

4.  When everyone is through sharing their leaves we will make rubbings of them.

5.  To do the rubbings, we will lay a piece of white paper on top of our leaf and rub a crayon over the leaf.  The leaf's texture will show up on the white paper. 

6.  After we make our rubbings we will try to identify the leaf and write the name of the leaf that we collected on the sheet of paper. 

7.  When everyone is through with their rubbings, we will proudly display them from the ceiling in our room to make it look like Fall.

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