This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Dana Bennett's Kindergarten Class at Cook Primary School

Designed by:  Brandy Williams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

abc blocks

clothes line
Are you ready to learn the different sounds of the alphabet?  This website will repeat the sound that each letter makes.  Click on the picture and let the fun begin.
abc board
The encyclopedia will help us find out more about the alphabet. It will tell us the history and all different kinds of information about our alphabet.  Click on the picture to explore the encyclopedia.
How well do you know your letters?  Here is a site that shows you a picture that begins with each letter of the alphabet.  Just click on the picture and get ready to learn.
abc keyboard
The ABC Cows cannot get their alphabet in order.  Some of their letters are missing.  Can you help them find the missing letters?  Click on the picture to begin.
kid with abcs
Here is a site that will show you many different words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.  Can you name any that are not listed?  Give it a try by clicking on the picture.

Mission Activity
Imagine that you are a writer.  You have been asked to put together a book of two alphabet letters.  First you will need to pick two letters from the alphabet to use in your book.  Think about words that begin with each letter.  Use five pages of your book for one letter and five pages for another letter.  This means you will need at least five words for each letter.  Remember to draw pictures to go with your words.  If you have trouble thinking of words, use the alphabet fun website for help.
 Have fun and good luck!

Mission Activity Steps
1.  Visit each of the websites listed above.
2.  While visiting the websites, begin thinking of two letters you may want to use.
3.  Use the alphabet fun website to help you with ideas for words.
4.  When you return to your desk, you will be given crayons and a book for you to use.
5.  The first five pages will be used for your first letter.
6.  Write the letter at the top of the page and a word that begins with that letter.
7.  Draw a picture to go with each word.
8.  The next five pages will be for your next letter.  Do the same thing to these pages.
9.  When you are finished tell your teacher.
10.  Share your book aloud with the class.

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