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    Hello, my name is Brittney Woodruff. I am a junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am beginning my first professional semester in Early Childhood Education. I look forward to fulfilling my life-long dream as an elementary school teacher! I was born in Augusta, GA and have traveled to many different states, due to my fathers' previous duty in the Army. I have one older brother who is currently attending school to fulfill his dream of working with animals. I have one pet
(a cat) name Oreo who I love dearly. I'm from Newnan, GA, where Iattended East Coweta High School and was in the graduating class of 2007. I  plan on graduating from Valdosta State University with my masters in Early Childhood Education, May 2012. After graduation I have high hopes of either becoming a Kindergarten or First grade teacher.

Brittney Woodruff

     I have always had a passion for children. Spring of my eighth grade year I began volunteering at the
Special Olympics and continued until my senior year of high school. A few of my hobbies consist of: volunteer work, spending quality time with friends and family, vactioning, and shopping. As a future educator professional attire is a must. I recently became a huge fan of New York and Company. My junior year of highschool I started volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Newnan, GA, where I taught cheerleading, dance and Smart Girls. I was also a member of Keystone (a leadership club) and College Bound. To find out more about the
se great opporutnites check out the Boys and Girls Club website. They offer a variety of wonderful opportunites for kids, such as: tutoring programs, arts and crafts, sports and more.

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    With today's soceity is becoming more "technology based", I believe it is important for students to have access to computers in classrooms. There are tons of fun and exciting educational websites for kids. Technology is a great way for students to play and learn. A great website for children as well as parents is Child Fun. This website consist of: activities, recipes, and holiday crafts for kids. It also has a tab with articles and other useful information for parents. Reading is a very critical role in education.Get Ready to Read is a great website for educators and parents to start preparing your child to read. As a future educator I have begun searching for websites that would benefit me once I begin teaching. ABC Teach and Scholastic are great websites for education. They both offer wonderful resources for teachers such as: fun activities, worksheets, lesson plans and tips for teaching.

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