Spring is in the Air
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms.Quick's Second Grade Class at Garrison-Pilcher Elementary School
by Blaine Daniels, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

As you can see, spring is fastly approaching.  There are changes that are taking place.  Flowers are blooming, animals are being born, insects are all around us, and many holidays are coming up.  There are a  few different holidays that happen during the spring time.  Such as St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Earth Day.  Have you heard of any of these holidays?  Do you know what each one means. Have you ever wondered how flowers bloom, or  about  all of the animals being born.  To find out all of your answers roam through this spring time websit.

rabbit in an egg
Easter is one of the first things that students think of when they get ready for spring.  Come onto this website and find different activities for easter.  This website has many different activitites that will get you ready for easter.
Mothers Day is also in the spring.  You can find many fun art activities on this website for Mother's Day.  Show your mom how much you love her this year.
St. Patricks Day falls during the spring time.  How much do you know about St. Patrick's Day?  Find out more on this helpful site.
Earth Day is in the Spring.  This is a very important holiday.  Find out what you can to do help save our planet.

May Day is also a holiday in the springtime.   This holiday celebrates spring.  Find out more on this fun website.
During the spring time many young animals are born.  Do you know what baby animals are called.  If not find out on this fun site.
"April Showers bring May flowers".  Do you know why it rains so much during the spring time?
The plants and trees are also beautiful during the springtime.  Find out more information on plants and trees on this information website.  You will be surprised what you learn.
There are also many insects that roam around during the spring.  How many can you think of?   Take a look at all of the different and beautiful types of Springtime insects.
What is the first thing that you notice when springtime comes around.  I bet it is flowers.  Blooming flowers are a way to tell that spring is on the way.  Learn more about flowers and plants in this fun and wesite.

Scenario Mission
Have you ever thought about all of the things that make spring such a great season?  Did you ever wonder how flowers bloom, or what the different holidays really mean?  The websites above, will answer all of your questions.  Look on the website of your choice and find your favorite topic to make a collage picture of. 

Which of these things most remind you of spring?

Mission Steps

1. Choose your favorite thing about spring. 
2.  Go to the site that deals with that topic.
3.  Next return to the arts table, where the glue, different color paper, and poster board is located.
4.  Then tear the different color paper,a nd piece them together to make a picture that shows you favorite thing about spring.
5.  Last glue the pieces together and let them dry.

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