Rainbow Fish
Author: Marcus Pfister
                    Page Designed by Blaine Daniels                 

rainbow fish       
        The Rainbow Fish, is a classic story about a very beautiful, and unique fish.  Rainbow Fish has the most beautiful scales that sparkle.  Rainbow Fish knows that he has the most beautiful scales.  One day another fish was feeling ugly, and he asked Rainbow Fish if  he could have one of his beautiful scales.  Rainbow Fish told the other fish no. 

    The little fish was very disappointed and he told all of the other fish how mean, and stingy Rainbow Fish was.  All of the fish decided not to hang out with Rainbow Fish or be his friend.  So, Rainbow Fish became very sad.  He decided to go see the wise octopus.  The octopus told him that he needed to share his scales, because giving always makes someone feel better.  Rainbow fish said, "no, I wont be beautiful, and unique anymore."  Then, Rainbow fish swam off. 

    On the way home he saw the other fish again.  The other fish asked Rainbow Fish again, if he could please have one of his scales, so he could be beautiful.  Rainbow fish decided to give him one of his shiny scales.  The other fish was so excited and he finally felt beautiful.  Rainbow fish shared one scale with all of his friends, and in the end Rainbow Fish was still beautiful and unique.  He was also happy because he had made all of his friends happy and beautiful.  He realized that sharing with friends is the best thing to do.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What would you do if you were Rainbow fish, and had to share your scales?
2.  How would you handle obstacles, that come up between you and your friends?

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