Spring Is Here!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Frost's Kindergarten Class at Lanier Co. Elementary Scchool
By Brandin Brett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Spring has finally arrived!  Hooray!!  There are many things to discover about Spring.  For example, there is such a variety of different types of flowers that bloom in the Spring time.  There are also many different holidays that are celebrated during the Spring.   Spring time is the time for new things to bloom.  There are many nature crafts that can be done outside in the Spring too.

1.  How well do you know Spring?  In this fun game, see if you can remember where certain Spring pictures are and try to get as many matches as you can!

2.  Do you love reading stories about Spring?  Have you ever wanted to be in a story?  Now you can be a part of your very own Spring story!

3.  Almost everyone knows about Spring.  But do you actually know what the meaning of Spring is? 

4.  Spring means lots of flowers are coming!  Paint your own Spring flower online here.

5.  There are many signs of Spring.  We rely on our senses to tell us when Spring is here!

6.  Spring time is full of Butterflies!  See how a butterly forms.

Signs of Spring!
Spring is here and it's almost time for the end of the school year!  You're getting ready to go into 1st grade.  Imagine that you are recognized for being good all year long.  You get to go into the pre-kindergarten classroom and help the teacher teach the children a lesson!  The pre-k kids have just started learning about Spring.  All of a sudden, one of the pre-kindergarten children asks you to explain how they will know when Spring has arrived.  Using the link that explained how our five senses help us figure out when Spring is here, draw some pictures explaining how we know that Spring has arrived!        
Mission Steps
1.   Read and discuss the selected informational website, Spring Is Here.
2.  As you visit the website, think about if you've ever noticed these signs of Spring before.
3.  After given a white piece of construction paper with four sections on it:  (A)FEEL, (B)SEE, (C)SMELL, and (D)HEAR, you will draw pictures of the things you feel, see, smell, and hear during Spring!
4.   Give the drawing to the teacher, and make sure you can tell him or her the pictures that you drew about Spring!

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