The Wonders of Zoo Animals!

                 This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for Mrs. Beal's elementary level class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School 

Designed by Brittany Bennett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

zoo animals


Did you know that an elephant can weigh from 4,000-13,000 pounds? Click here to find out more information.


A giraffe can grow to be 18' feet tall!  WOW!  That is cool!  Click here to find a cool website about giraffees.

Where are lions usually found?  Don't know, click here to find out.
How long is a zebras tail?  Well, if you do not know you can go to this website to find out.

Zoo Animals Real-World Activity

Today, we are going to learn about Zoo Animals.  We are going to look at several different websites that gives us different informational facts about different zoo animals.  After we look at these different websites we are going to become zoo keepers.  As you know we have looked at several different animals that belong in a zoo, so now as zoo keepers, we are going to make up our own zoo with one animal in it and its own living environment.  You will develop your animal whether it is make believe or a real animal and then you will make a living environment for it.  You will draw the animal and its living environment and write a paragraph about where it sleeps, what it eats, and how it lives.  After developing our own zoo and zoo animal we will share our zoos with the class.

Steps for Zoo Animals Real-World Activity

1. First, you will go to the Topic Mini-Research & Literature Webpage . On this page you are going to look at the different zoo animals and find out interesting facts about them so you can get ready to make your own zoo.
2. Second, you need to go to Enchanted Learning to print off different animals, so you can see other animals that live in the zoo.

3. Third, create your own zoo and living environment for your animal.  The zoo and living environment can be as big or little as you want it, but it needs to have a place where the animal sleeps, where the animal eats, and a place where the animal uses the bathroom.
4. Fourth, you need to write some facts about your animal that you learned from the websites you looked at earlier. (how this animal survives in this environment, what food does it eat, where it sleeps).
5. Fifth, you need to label your animal and name your zoo.
6. And last, everyone will share their animals and zoos in front of the class.

Topic-Related Literature Activity

zoo book

Topic Literature activity

Using Critical Thinking Questions

1. If you could be a zoo keeper how would you want your zoo to look like and why?
2. If you could be any zoo animal which one would you be and why?

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