This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Debbie's Pre-k Class at Cook Primary School
Designed By Bridgette Mercer, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


The scarecrow has been around for many years.  Let's find out more about Mr.Scarecrow.
The Plymouth Colony was the first permanent English settlement in New England.  If you want to take a tour of that colony click here.
Did you know that squirrels sometimes hide their food.  Let's try to find out what squirrels eat.  
Who would have thought that lobster was served at the first thanksgiving feast.  Do you know of any other foods that were served at that feast?
During the fall the leaves change into beautiful colors.  There are many different colors of leaves such as yellow,orange,red and brown.

Mission Activity

I need you to pretend that you are going to travel back in time to the year 1621.  Now I need you and your friends to help the Pilgrims prepare the Thanksgiving feast.  You should include some of the foods that the Pilgrims prepared that day. Also include an item of food that was not on the menu that you would like to add.

Mission Activity Steps
1.  First let's go back to our Thanksgiving feast menu to review the foods that were served  that day.
2.  Now think about the foods that you want to prepare.
3.  Think about the food that you would choose that was not served that day.
4.  Now draw your meal on your paper.
5.  After you prepare your feast we will make a chart of the foods from the class that were served that day and the foods that were not.

Happy Thanksgiving! YUM! YUM!

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