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This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Griffis's Kindergarten class at Lanier Elementary school
Designed by Brooke Eppinga, a Valdosta State University Presevice Teacher

hidden numbers
Can you find the hidden numbers from 6-15?

waving bunny
The Bunny Story
 As the story goes on more bunnies hopped into the bed. Can you count how many bunnies climbed into the bed at the end?
bucket of numbers
1 through 20
At this site learning is made fun with finding out what numbers go after each other while  counting the pictures. Can you find what comes after 13?
numbers 1-10
Base Ten Count
At this website look and see how many numbers make a group. Can you group the numbers into tens?
Learning Planet

Knowing the order of your numbers is very important. Can you put the numbers in the right orders?

bee hive
Mini-Research Bee Hive Activity

Pretend that you are a bee keeper and you have 15 bee hives. One day a big bear came to your bee hive farm to try and steal all your honey that the bees are making. Luckily your neighbor saw the bear and scared him off before the bear stole any of your honey! But the bear moved all the bee hives around and now you have to put the bee hives back in order from 1 through 15 before the morning when the honey man comes and collects the honey out of the bee hives. Work quickly and good luck!

Steps For Bee Hive Activity

1. First we will look at our numbers 1 through 15 to make sure we are able to place them in the right order. We will work on our numbers by visiting the learning plant and practice placing the numbers in the right order.
2. Now that we have gone over our numbers let's see if we can get these bee hives back in order!
3. You will be given flash cards with bee hives and your job is to number each card from 1 through 15.
4. Once you have done that you can decorate your flash cards and bee hives before we begin the activity.
5. Scramble the flash cards.
6. You will then place them in the correct order from 1 through 15.
7. Once your flash cards are in the correct order take a glue stick and paste the flash cards on a piece of paper.

Topic Related Literature Activity

"Chicka Chicka 123"
Written by: Bill Martin Jr.
Micheal Sampson
Lois Ehlert

Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) 

Topic Literature Activity Using Critical Thinking Questions

A. numbers  Finding all the numbers

B. Critical Thinking Questions.
1. Why do you think all the numbers want to climb into the tree?

2. Do you think you could be brave like 0 and climb into the apple tree with the bees? Why or why not?

smiling watermelon
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