Taking a Bite Out of Fruitful Learning
Designed By Brooke Eppinga

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Hello, my name is Brooke Eppinga and I am from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Currently I am in my third year of college at Valdosta State University. I have been accepted into the Early Childhood Education Program where I just started my first professional block to start me on the path of becoming a kindergarten teacher. When I graduate with my degree in education, I plan to either stay at Valdosta State University or transfer to University of Georgia to obtain my Master’s Degree.  Then I would like to move a little farther north to start my teaching career.

Braves logoWhen I am not in class or working on my school work, I enjoy catching a Braves game either on television or if I can attend one of the games at Turner Field.  I also enjoy watching The Valdosta Blazers play in the spring. Shopping is one of my most favorite things to do whenever I have a little extra money to spend. However, Valdosta is not known for having the best shopping areas so I usually take a drive down to Tallahassee or to Atlanta for my big shopping sprees.  I am also very active; I love to run and stay in shape. I try and go to the gym or run out doors five times a week. I find it’s a good way to relieve some stress of everyday life.

I lived in Gwinnett County for eighteen years before moving to Valdosta to attend college. I went to Berkmar High School  and was active in cheerleading, cross country and track.  A few of my favorite things to do are shopping at the Mall Of Georgia, watching the laser show at Stone Mountain and driving to Six Flags for the crazy roller coasters.
    (Track and Field)                           (Im on the Right, Cheering at a football game)                    (Cross Country, I am on Top Right)
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Teaching Ideas for Early Childhood Special Educators is a website I found where the format was easy to read and very helpful to come up with ideas. They also have links to other lesson plans that you can use in the classroom.  Another website that I think is very helpful is Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers. This website has a little tab for almost any part of the school day from literature, math, science, to physical education, art and many others. It also contains a teacher’s Google where you type in anything you want to look for and a whole bunch of websites will pop up that have what you are looking for.

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