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     My name is Brenda Register and I am from Valdosta, Georgia. I am currently a junior in the Early Childhood Education program at Valdosta State University.
I have been married for seventeen years and I have two children.  I decided to go back to college after my first child was born.  I knew that I wanted to have a career that my family and I could be proud of.  I love being in a classroom and I am excited to have one of my own soon.

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      I like to find new recipes to cook for my family.  Though they are a picky bunch, every now and then I find something new that they will eat.  These are a few websites that I like to look at for recipe ideas: Paula Dean's website and the Ole South Recipes website.

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     There are many great websites that parents and teachers can go to on the internet.  Some are full of ideas to help your children at home and some have ideas to use in the classroom.  There are also some great educational games that parents can play with thier children.  I like to go to the Scholastic website because it has sites and links for teachers, parents, and students.  It has printables and informational links for teachers, informs parents on ways to help your child improve in school, and games and book lists for students.  Another great website is sites for teachers.  I like this website because it is a list of links to websites for teachers and parents. These websites provide printable worksheets, certificates, and many other tools for educating students.

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