The Awesome Alphabet
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Susan Whiddon's Kindergarten class at Cook Primary.  Designed by Bridgett Payne, a Valdosta State Pre-Service Teacher.

ABC Chart

The alphabet is the foundation of our language.  Without the alphabet we wouldn't be able to read, write, or talk to one another.  Below are resources that will help you learn more about the alphabet including sounds and pictures
of objects that begin with each letter of
"The Amazing Alphabet."

Alphabet Fun!
This website shows students different pictures
of things that start with the letter they choose.

alphabet letters
When you click on the pictures from
this website it gives you a
statement using the letter and
picture from which you clicked on.

When you click on the letters from this websites it shows you
objects that are located on a farm.

A is for Aligator
When you click on the letter you see the
upper and lower case letter along with a
picture and name of an object that
starts with the letter clicked on.

This website shows pictures of animals along with the name
of the animal beginning
with the letter chosen.

Dinosaurs are shown along with a description of that dinosaur with each letter of the alphabet.
This website has pictures and descriptions of different animals from each letter of the alphabet.  This website is designed
by Yellowstone National Park.

This is a picture dictionary website that has many different pictures and descriptions
from each letter just like a dictionary has many words in it starting with each letter.

This award winning Children's Encyclopedia has software that features
26 different activities to help children learn more about the alphabet.

Abc Game
This website is a fun, but educational website for children to learn and test
their skills and knowledge of the alphabet.  These games will be an activity they will want to play over and over.

Scenario Mission

Teacher at chalkboard

Pretend that you have to teach a foreign child the english language.  The best way to start teaching the child is to
show and explain the alphabet to them, but it could
be helpful to put a picture and word with each letter
to better explain the concept.  Each letter should be
covered for the child to fully understand.

Mission Steps
1.  Go to the website and look at
each letter with its word and picture.

2.  Write the letter, word and picture for each
letter of the alphabet on a separate sheet of paper.

3.  Make these papers into an alphabet book
by stapling or binding it together with string.

4.  Practice teaching someone (ex. classmate, parent, teacher,friend) so you would be able to fully explain the
concept of letters and the alphabet correctly to a foreign child.

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