Down On The Farm
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was
developed for Mrs. Browning's Kindergarten Class at Lanier Elementary School.
Designed By. Brandi L. Morrell, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

farm picture

pig  Have you ever heard of a Pot Belly Pig?   To find out more about this animal click on the name that is highlighted.

cow Cows produce a lot of milk on a daily basis.  Do you know how many pounds of milk a dairy cow produces in one day? 

sheep Have you ever  seen  a sheep before. 
  To find out more about sheep  click on the word sheep.

horse A horse can be many different colors.  Do you know some of the colors a horse can be? 

Mini-Research Real-World Activity

You have just moved from the city to the country side because you want to become a farmer. In order to be a farmer you need to know what kind of animals live on a farm.  Before you become a farmer you are going to have to decide which animals you want to live on your farm.  Even though there are a lot of animals that belong on a farm, you do not have to have all of them on your farm.  You can choose the special animals that you would like to have. As you are looking at the farm animals be sure to pay close attention because when you are done looking at them you are going to draw your own farm with the animals that you want.
Steps For Farm Activity
1.  Think about all of the animals that you have learned about today.
2.  To be sure that you remember what animals live on a farm let's review the different types of farm animals.
3.  Now that you really know your farm animals it is time to decide what animals you would like to have on your farm.
4.  Draw a picture of the farm animals that you would like to have on your farm.  You can include as many of the animals as you like.
5.  After you have finished drawing your farm you are going to label all of the animals that you have on your farm.  If you need help with spelling just ask a teacher.
6.  When everything is finished you will have your own farm and you will be able to tell people what kinds of animals live on a farm.

Topic Literature Activity
Steve Lavis
book picture

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

A.            lamb           __All About Farm Animals__

B.   List two critical thinking questions for topic related literature book
1. Think of some of the animals that we have talked about today and name some of them, but the animals name has to have only three letters in it.
2.  Other than animals, name some other things that can be found on a farm.

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