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     My name is Brandi Morrell.  I am currently a student at Valdosta State University in the Early Childhood Education Program.  I started block one on  22 August 2006.  I transferred here from South Georgia College in Douglas Georgia.  This is very exciting for me and it is fantastic to be able to start a new chapter in my life.  It is going to be a wonderful journey as I make my way to earning my degree. 


Cooking is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time!  It is fun and there are many exciting ways to make new kinds of  dishes.  One of my pleasures is going to Cake Central.  It has all of the cooking materials that I need as well as recipes.   I enjoy baking cakes more than anything. I hope that someday in the near future I can start making wedding cakes for people.


While I was in the Air Force I had the opportunity to visit many places around the world.  One of my favorite places was Germany.  This is a very beautiful country and the people there are extremely  nice.  The food there is also very tasty. What a wonderful place to visit!


Being a teacher can be a wonderful job.  Dealing with children on a day to day basis can be a great experience.  There are many places on the internet for teachers to go to get educational as well as entertaining ideas to help out in the classroom.  Websites can be a great resource that benefit both student and teacher.  Teachers websites are a great way to expand our knowledge.

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