Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities
Spring Weather/Wind
This topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was
developed for Mrs. Joy's Pre-K Class at Cook County Elementary
Designed By: Brittney Manville, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What is wind?  What causes it to blow?
An educational website that answers many questions about wind.
sun rain

What do plants need to live and grow.
This webite shows you the necessary things to grow a plant.
All About Plants!!!
growing plant
How does a plant grow?  What are the parts of a plant?  How does a plant make food? 
Watch a tree grow before your eyes!!!!!

A very inforamtive website on plants!
What are different types of kites?  How do kites fly? 
How can you make a kite?
A website about kites for children!

Plant Real-World Activity
   We are going to be gardeners!!!
     In Miss Brittney's plant activity, we will explore the season spring and what happens during that time.  We will discuss that new plants growing is a major part of what happens during spring.  We will discuss the parts of the plant and what they need to live.  Then, we will pretend we are gardeners planting our gardens.  To be a good gardener you must know what plants need to live and grow.  We will research this and then each student will plant their own plant and then draw pictures of what they think it will look like as it grows
from seed, to seedling, to full grown plant.

Steps for Plant Real World Activity

1. First, go to the Plants website and find out important facts about plants. Pay close attention to what a plant needs to live and grow so our plants will grow big and strong.

2. Next, watch the animated picture that shows process of a plant growing from seed to tree on the All About Plants website.

3. Now we are going to become gardeners and grow our own plants!!!!

4. You will need a cup to plant your seed in, some soil, a seed, some water, and a nice sunny place for your plant to grow.

5. First, scoop some soil into your cup.

6. Then, take your finger and make a little hole in the soil and drop in your seed.

7. Now, make sure to cover up your seed with soil so it will grow.

8. Last give your seed a little water and place it in the sunny spot you have picked out. You will need to water it everyday.

9.  Now that you have planted the seed, watered it, and put it in a sunny place it will take some time to grow.  Can you guess what your plant will look like?

10. In the last step in this activity you get to show me what you learned by drawing pictures.  Draw what you think your plant will look like as it grows from a  seed, to a seedling, to a big plant.  Also draw in your picture what helps your plant grow and live(soil, sunlight, and water/rain).

Topic-Related Literature Activity

                            rabbits good news                                      
  Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions
1. What is your fovorite Springtime activity? Who do you do this activity with?
2. What is your favorite season? Why?

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