Cruising Into The World Of Education
Designed by Brittani West
car driving into the world

    Welcome to my world of education! Where you can experience learning at your own personal speed! Since your not familar with the educational traffic laws, I'll be your acting tour guide! I'll start by introducing myself, and some of my favorite highways!
     My name is Brittani West, and I grew up in Brunswick, Ga. I am 1 of 5 children who has a fear of most animals.  My favorite color is Purple and some of my best attributes include dedication, motivation, and kindness.  I am currently majoring in Early Childhood Education through the
Early Childhood and Special Education Department at Valdosta State University.
    Upon completion of my degree, my journey through the world of education will be over and my permanent position as tour guide will begin. Hopefully I'll get to teach kindergarten! Some of my favorite highways in the education world are Math Boulevard, and Reading Avenue. Lets see which routes you like!

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Future Web Page

Future Web Page

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Gus the Duck

Mox's Shop

"ig" words
Aha! Math-All Aboard!

Aha! Math-One Fish, Two fish game!
Sid the Science Kid-Weather

Sid the Science kid- animal sounds

Sid the Science Kid- Plants grow!

Lewis and Clark Movie

Who's Home is it?

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Africa Jigsaw Puzzle
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