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My name is Brent J. Rainey. I am from College Park, Georgia. I am a graduate of Tri-Cities High School in the illustrious Class of 2006 I am currently an aspiring teacher developing my practice at Valdosta State University. I love life and the many lessons it has to teach us all. Currently, I am in the first block of the Early Childhood and Special Education Department.

I have an extremely huge passion at being a success in life and doing whatever it may take to get there. My interests/hobbies would include sports (basketball, football, baseball, and bowling), fishing with my best buddies, and just relaxing while reflecting on life. I have a special interest in my life whom resides in Athens, Georgia. Her name is Amber S. Freeman and she is "My Angel", as I love to refer to her. My favorite website to visit would have to be This is where I checked all the latest and most updated scores, schedules, and statistics at. It is also where I host my seasonal fantasy leagues which include basketball, football, and baseball.

There are two educational links below that I find to be very helpful in assisting students with learning and they are also very interactive. The first website is, which is a great interactive website that makes learning super fun. The second website is, which is a less interactive website than Funbrain but it provides tons more information!

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