Animals of  the Rainforest
This TopicQuest was designed for Lauren and Kamryn
By Billie Adams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher
animals of the rainforest

    Rainforest are very important to the survival of the Earth.  Not only does the rainforest produce oxygen, medicines from certain plants and trees that only live in the rainforest, but the rainforest also is the home to many animals and insects.  Lets explore and learn more about some of the animals and insects that live in the rainforest.


1.  Have you ever seen a "Froot Loops" cereal commercial or looked at a box of  "Froot Loops"?  If so, then chances are that you have seen a touchan bird.  This very colorful bird lives in the rainforest.  Lets learn some of the toucans characteristics.

2.  Lets monkey around and swing through the rainforest.  You can learn what it takes to be an orangutan in the jungle deep inside of the rainforest.  Do you think you are as strong as this orangutan?

3.  There are many different species of leopards and most of them are on the endangered species list.  They are one of the fastest of the land animals.  Take a look at ths very beautiful but dangerous jungle cat.

4.  Check out a great slideshow of  a few animals that live in the rainforest. Be careful, you may see a newly discovered animal, like the Zog-Zog.  The Zog-Zog is a new species of monkeys.  Enjoy the slideshow.

5.  Do you believe that frogs can fly ? Or maybe you can see right through them?  In the rainforest, there is a large variety of frogs that differ from size and color.  Some of the frogs that live in the rianforest are very poisonous.  Lets leap into a frogs world.


6.  Wow!  We have looked at many different animals that live in the rainforest.  We have learned many characteristics about many different  animals.  Lets learn a little more about the rainforest that these animals live in. Open the book of knowledge.

Mission Activity

We have explored many animals and insects that live in the rainforest.  Your misssion is to think about all of the animals you have studied in the above links.  Then make up one new animal or insect.  Pretend that you have just left the rainforest and you saw a new species.  What would it be?  What type food would it eat?   What kind of plants or other animals would be around in the same habitat?  Go to MS Paint and paint your make believe animal and its surroundings.

Mission Steps

1.)  Look at the slide show one more time and the list of animals and insects from the enchanted learning websites to refresh your memory.

2.)  Next, use your imagination to make up new animal or insect.  You can name it whatever you want.

3.)  Then I want you to tell me the characteristics of your new animal/insect, what it likes to eat, and a little about the surroundings.

4.)  After you have all of this, I want you to draw a picture of your newly created animal/insect and its surroundings.

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