Transportation is Terrific!
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Young's Pre-K class at Ben Hill County Pre-K.
Designed by Rose Grimes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

  Paint Picture

There are many different types of transportation. The first thing
I would like for you to learn about is water transportation. Can you name some types of water transportation? Click on this link to learn about the different types of water transportation. Do you know why water transportation is so important? Click here to find out.

Another type of transportation is air travel. What types of air travel can you think of? Click here to see some pictures of a few types of air travel. Have you ever thought about how things fly? Click on How Things Fly to find out.
There are many different types of land transportation. Can you name some types of land transportation? Click to see some examples of land transportation.
Another type of land travel I want to talk about is trains. Have you ever thought about the history of trains and the different types of  trains? Click on trains to learn a little about them.

Around the World Activity
Okay children hold on it is time for us to go on an adventure. We are going on an imaginary field trip around the world. We are explorers looking for lost treasures and as we are going on our field trip I want you to tell me about the different types of transportation you use to go around the world.  Keep in mind we will need to cross land and water to complete our trip. I want you to draw a picture of an example of land and water transportation. After drawing these pictures I want you to tell me what they are pictures of.

Steps for Around the World Activity
1.Check out these websites for different types of transportation for land and water.
2. Draw a picture of the type of land and water transportation you would use to go around the world.
3. Tell me or label the types of transportation you used in your trip around the world.

Topic Literature Activity

by Debora Pearson
Illustrator Edward Miller

Topic Literature Activity
                                                 Land transportation
A. Click this link to see some examples of different types of air transportation.

B List your four questions of understanding that you are going to ask your students while you are reading the book to them.
1. What are dump trucks used for?
2. What can you do with a forklift?
3. Have you ever bought an ice cream from a real ice cream      truck?
4. What is a Zamboni used for?
C. List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book.
1. What is your favorite type of transportation and why?
2. What would the world be like if cars had never been invented?

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