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    Hello and welcome to my web page of education. My name is Rose Grimes. I am currently attending Valdosta State University where I am pursuing a degree in Interrelated Early Childhood and Special Education. I chose this area of study for many different reasons. The main reason is that I look back at my elementary school years and cannot remember a teacher standing out in my mind as being truly caring and supportive. I want to be the teacher that lets every child know that they can do anything not matter what background they come from.

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    I have been married for 6 years and have a four-year-old daughter. She is my main motivation for me going to school. She was almost two years old when I began my college career. We try to take two vacations a year as a family. My daughter enjoys the beach so every year we go to Panama City Beach, FL for our summer vacation spot. During the winter months we like to go to the mountains, last year we went to Helen, GA. We love doing this so that we can see snow at least once a year. However, my being in school has minimized the amount of time we have to do various family activities.


    As a teacher I have found a few websites that could help me as a teacher. One site is Scholastics website that has a number of books and ideas as a teacher. Another website is Crayola and this website has various useful activities for the classroom.


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