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"Scoring Our Way to 8th Grade Math GOALS"
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My name is Bryan Crawford and I am a teacher at South Habersham Middle School.  South Hab is one of two middle schools in Habersham County and is the home of the Rebels.  We have a very diverse population as far as ethnic groups and students from different socio-economic levels.  Our middle school is made up of grades 6-8, but in our building we house the 7th and 8th graders.  South Habersham Middle School is a place where the administration and teachers truly care for the students as people and learners, and this year our motto is "Whatever It Takes."  South Hab is located in Cornelia, Ga., a small community at the foothills of the mountains in beautiful Northeast Georgia.  Habersham County was officially chartered in 1818 and is named for Colonel Joseph Habersham, a Revolutionary War hero and the 1st Postmaster General under President John Quincy Adams.  The city of Cornelia was first settled in 1860.  It is perhaps most well known locally as the "Home of the Big Red Apple."  It is in the downtown area where a 7 foot high and 22 feet in circumference steel apple weighing 5200 pounds stands as a symbol of the North Georgia apples that are grown locally.  

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I am currently completing my second year of teaching.  I am married and have a 9 year old daughter and a 4 year old son.  One of my great enjoyments in life has been sports.  Basketball without a doubt has always been my favorite sport to both play and watch.  I played basketball through high school for the Stephens County Indians.  I most enjoy watching college basketball and the Clemson Tigers are my favorite team.  I now have the great privilege to be the head basketball coach for the 7th grade boys here at South Habersham Middle School.  Below you can see the first middle school team I coached; a team that went to
the league championship.  With all of the teaching and coaching aside, the  thing that most defines me is my Christian faith.  I have chosen to honor Jesus in all that I do both personally and professionally.  An interesting fact about me is that I am an ordained minister in the Church of God and have been preaching since 2000.  I am involved at The Torch, a growing church that ministers around the world.

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This class page was designed for one of my middle school classes.  "Rebel Math with Coach Crawford" is an 8th grade math class here at South Habersham Middle School.  In the class we cover 8th grade Georgia Performance Standards for math and I use a wide variety of teaching techniques and learning modes to help students grasp the material.  We cover content from probability, to solving equations, to graphing, to dealing with functions and relations, and many other concepts.  My approach to teaching the class is to motivate my students to set goals for themselves to work towards, and to take ownership of their learning of math.  My purpose is to systematically help each student reach their personal goals and more importantly the GPS standards for the year.  Thus my theme for the class is "Scoring Our Way to 8th Grade Math GOALS!"  One of the tools we use in the class that students both benefit from and enjoy is Study IslandStudy Island is a site designed to allow students to work practice questions centered around training for the CRCT.  Study Island allows accurate data to be kept, and it also has games that students can play while working on math problems at the same time.


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Coach Crawford's Timeout Huddle:  Classroom News & Important Dates

Information will be added for the 2008-2009 school year


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