This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Penar's Kindergarten Class
at Hahira Elementary School By Brandi Bostick,
a Valdosta State University PreService Teacher.


Hey Kids!  So far you have learned many things about the alphabet.  You know what the letters look like and what sounds they make.  Here are ten different websites to make learning the alphabet more fun.


"A,E,I,O"-U Will love this website about vowel sounds!  This site will help you learn those tricky vowel sounds by letting you hear them.
Hey Kids!  Come along and sing the ABC song.  This fun site lets you explore the alphabet through music.
Welcome to Yellowstone National Park!  This site helps you learn your abc's while exploring the park for different animals.
It's time for some fun!  This site is filled with games all about the alphabet.
Clifford the big red dog is looking for kids who like to play.  Come join Clifford for lots of games and learning.
Do you know where our language came from?  Come to this site to find out more.
Do you know what an encyclopedia is?  This is a place to find anything that you need to know.  How exciting!
Who belongs at Alpha Zoo?  You!  You!  Come play games and have some fun because at Alpha Zoo you're number one! 
Iguana!  What is that?  Come visit us at Encarta to find out.
Do you know where China is?  This site will show you the chinese alphabet.  You will be surprised!

Scenario Mission
You have just landed the job of head zookeeper at Wild Adventures.  This job means that you have many responsibilities.  Your first big task is to find one animal for each letter of the alphabet.  Then you will be able to put every animal in the zoo in alphabetical order.  Be sure to lock the cage so they won't get away.  If you are having any problems finding them go to this website and it will help you. 

Mission Steps

1.  Go to the animal website to get some ideas of different animals.
2.  On a sheet of paper, write each letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with each letter.
3.  Draw your favorite animal and the letter it starts with on the Microsoft Paint Program.
4.  Explain to your teacher what you have drawn and she will put it on the internet for everyone to see!

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